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Current SLMs in Bolivia

Photo of Rhiannon Richards Rhiannon Richards Cochabamba, Bolivia

After doing various service projects and going on short-term mission trips, I knew that I wanted to dedicate more time to serving others. I have joined the SLMs because they share my faith, my passion for service work, and my love for children. Through serving with the SLMs, I hope to grow in faith and love, as well as become a stronger and better person.…

Photo of Megan Schneider Megan Schneider Cochabamba, Bolivia

John Waters writes about his response to Pope Francis’s call to go to “the outskirts of existence: “That phrase seemed immediately to gesture far beyond geography, or sociology, or ideology, beyond even the idea of allegiance to a faith. It summoned us to a responsibility that resides beyond calls to duty or compassion or even what is conventionally called charity.…