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Current SLMs in Bolivia

Photo of Avra Dugan Avra Dugan Montero, Bolivia
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I have greatly enjoyed my time as a registered nurse in the U.S, but I feel a great calling to international service to the poor, especially in countries where access to healthcare is limited or completely unavailable. I strongly believe that an experience working in areas of poverty internationally will provide me with greater compassion and resourcefulness to bring to service back in the U.S for impoverished communities.

Photo of Megan Schneider Megan Schneider Cochabamba, Bolivia
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John Waters writes about his response to Pope Francis’s call to go to “the outskirts of existence: “That phrase seemed immediately to gesture far beyond geography, or sociology, or ideology, beyond even the idea of allegiance to a faith. It summoned us to a responsibility that resides beyond calls to duty or compassion or even what is conventionally called charity.…