Institute for Culture and Rural Development


Each year the Salesians take in 20 young men and women, all school dropouts, and put them through 10 months of intensive training in personal, social, cultural, community, and spiritual development. It is not an evangelization strategy, although Christian values and spirituality are at the core of the program, and envelops everything that they do.

These young people are given three months of exposure outside during these ten months. After the training, they go through a period of field placement. The training includes alternative media, health care, sex education, dance and music, culture, language, agricultural and livestock management. Spirituality will be another important component of this project. The main focus of the training is preparing the candidates for rural development after having transformed them and their attitudes. The students need an elder brother/sister to be a mentor to them.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Mentor
  • Educator (English, animal husbandry, computers, etiquette, leadership)
  • Dance/music ministry