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Returned Lay Missioner Cycles for Change – Coast to Coast!

The following is a general e-mail sent by Jeremy along his cycling route in Wyoming.  Jeremy spent over a year as a Salesian Lay Missioner at the Salesian-run school in Okinawa, Bolivia where he taught at both the Bolivian and Japanese schools.


I realized a last week that three weeks had already passed on this cross-country ride, and I had not sent out one e-mail update.  And now it’s been four weeks because of lack of internet access!  […]

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El Salvador – A second mission to Haiti from Don Bosco University

(ANS – Soyapango) – On June 12 four technical specialists in artificial limbs and orthopedic assistance from the Don Bosco University (UDB) in Soyapango left for Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to help with the re-habilitation of people who have had amputations following their injuries in the January 12 earthquake.

This is the second humanitarian mission from UDB. In the first by 7 professional technicians, there were about 200 artificial limbs and more than 100 sessions of orthopedic assistance.

“The aim is to help the […]

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