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Current SLMs in Ethiopia

Erin Arnold

Photo of Erin Arnold
College of Southern Maryland Hometown Brandywine MD Mission Site Don Bosco School Mekanessa Ethiopia Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“It makes me sad to think that there are children who do not think they matter to anyone.  I even see this in some of my classrooms here in the states.  Everyone should know that they are valued by God and that someone else on earth thinks kindly of them.  This is one motivation I have to work with the Salesians.  I also feel that every child should be able to learn, that understanding of the world around them is a precious gift to give to children, and that God has given me the abilities required to teach.  Life is so precious, and these children, the least of these, need to know that they are precious and loved.   On a practical note, the more education these children receive, the more opportunities for a better life they will have.”

Matt Beben

Photo of Matt Beben
The Catholic University of America Hometown Washington NJ Mission Site Don Bosco Gambella Gambella Ethiopia Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“I have been blessed in so many ways and would love to help others.  Another reason is because I believe that it is important for everyone to experience life in another country.  I have found this to be a humbling and positive experience.  At this point in my life I have the ability to move anywhere and do anything.  I truly want to serve for a year or two in order to help others, grow as a person, and grow in my relationship with God.”

Semhar Dory

Photo of Semhar Dory
Loyola Marymount University Hometown Anaheim Hills CA Mission Site Don Bosco School Mekanessa Ethiopia Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“With all I have and all I have learned, I feel especially called at this point in my life to pay it forward. I have been touched by so many people throughout my 21 years of life that I can say with the utmost confidence, that I would not be the person I am today without them. I would love to be that same light for others and watch as the light ignites into flames of fire burning with passion for the things they live for: to watch children grow and discover that they themselves have the ability to change and to change others and watch as they pay it forward too. “

Robert Sene

Photo of Robert Sene
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble INPG Hometown Surrey Canada Mission Site Don Bosco Gambella Gambella Ethiopia
Personal Statement:

“Mother Teresa said, “I see God in every human being.” Seeking God in others is my main motivation for this mission. It’s my way to build an intimate relationship with God, based on trust and love. I desire to not be afraid of surrendering myself to God. I want to be helped, through this kind of experience, to be a better loving Christian.”