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Current SLMs in Ethiopia

Erin Arnold

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“It makes me sad to think that there are children who do not think they matter to anyone.  I even see this in some of my classrooms here in the states.  Everyone should know that they are valued by God and that someone else on earth thinks kindly of them.  This is one motivation I have to work with the Salesians.  I also feel that every child should be able to learn, that understanding of the world around them is a precious gift to give to children, and that God has given me the abilities required to teach.  Life is so precious, and these children, the least of these, need to know that they are precious and loved.   On a practical note, the more education these children receive, the more opportunities for a better life they will have.”

Tara Bailey

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Christ. My motivation for serving and loving anyone is Christ. I can’t begin to describe the desire my heart has to want to give back just an ounce of what Christ has given me. Serving with Regnum Christi was a great opportunity and left me wanting to serve more. I have looked at a number of programs in the past 2 years trying to figure out which would fit me best. I am overwhelmed by the amount of people starving and children that lack something as simple as love. Every catholic is called to be radical, give up everything and follow Christ-this is what I want to do.