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Current SLMs in Bolivia

Natalie Baker

Photo of Natalie Baker
Saint Vincent College Home Springfield PA Work Centro Sagrado Corazón Montero Bolivia Blog: Visit Blog

“Having previously being involved in a variety of different missions working domestically in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Illinois and internationally in Calcutta, India, I have believed for a while now that I am ready for the challenge of performing mission work.  When, where, and how are questions that I have asked myself.  Through much prayer and support from my family and friends, I started researching different mission opportunities to participate in after college.  While searching, I found the Salesian Lay Missioners as a wonderful opportunity.”

Connor Bergeron

Photo of Connor Bergeron
DeSales University Home Herndon Virginia Work Misión San Carlos Yapacaní Bolivia

I want to serve because I’ve been so blessed and want to share my joy and experience and love of Christ and his Church with those who need it. I am 24 and I do not want to follow the expected career route that society expects me to follow. I feel this is a better use of life. I’ve been praying on this I hope this what the Lord is asking of me.

Karen Dziekonska

Photo of Karen Dziekonska
Rutgers University Home West Windsor NJ Work Hogar María Auxiliadora Cochabamba Bolivia Website: Visit Blog

The Rutgers Catholic Student Association changed my life over the past three years, and I would simply like to thank God and spread His love by serving others. God put many people in my life to bring me to where I am today and worked through them to show me His love for me, even in the darkest time, He shined light through, and I would like to give back and be His light for others. I am very passionate about doing hands on things for others. I never knew that I had the power to change the lives of other just by being myself and loving God. The first spring break trip I want on with the CSA was to Nazareth Farm, West Virginia. It was very structures and Catholic based. We talked about The Catholic Social Teachings, had organized prayer three times a day and served different people in the community each day. I learned how to build a roof, and a wheelchair ramp and cook a full meal for 80 people out of the simplest ingredients. At that point, I though all I could give were my hands and the work they did, but I knew people needed more and I didn’t know how to give it to them. Going on that spring break trip and one the following year changed that. About six months after the spring break service trip the following year to North Carolina, our group received a beautiful message form one of the people that helped us with shingling a roof. His family was Catholic, but life’s events led him to believe that God was no longer preset in his life and they led him on a path of wrong choices that were spiraling out of control. His message said that seeing his “Rutgers family” so full of love and fire for God led him back to the faith. We were ourselves on that room, singing praise and full of joy. Him seeing us just who we are led him back to our Heavenly Father. There is so much pain and hurt in third world countries, I want to make sure every child knows the love our Heavenly Father has for them. Like for the man from North Carolina who lost all hope in the Lord, but gained it back from nine college students that loved him as Christ does, I want to serve the Lord and bring His love to all that need it around the world.

Jaime Korsgaden

Photo of Jaime Korsgaden
CSU Long Beach Home Stockton CA Work Hogar Casa Maín Santa Cruz Bolivia Blog: Visit Blog

I feel called to sacrifice my comfortable life and give more of myself to God in service of others.

Kelsey Lamb

Photo of Kelsey Lamb
Eastern Michigan University Home Belmont North Carolina Work Hogar Sagrado Corazón Montero Bolivia

I really love the idea of doing mission work and taking an entire year out of my life just to serve others. I’ve always wanted to work in an orphanage because five of my siblings are adopted, so I have a passion for children in orphanages/foster homes. It’s just something that’s been on my heart for a long time, and this would probably be my last opportunity to do a long-term mission trip.

Becky Lograsso

Photo of Becky Lograsso
Southeast Missouri State University Home St. Louis MO Work Hogar Casa Maín Santa Cruz Bolivia Blog: Visit Blog

I truly believe that God is calling me to serve for at least a year internationally. It has been a dream of mine for awhile to go abroad for at least a year, and through prayer, I have discovered that this is how the Lord wants me live abroad. I am truly passionate about service, and I have found lately that being detached to material possessions is one of the greatest freedoms I could have. I believe that a year or more of service will help me deepen my relationship with God and also give me even more of that freedom from material things.

Adam Pizzaia

Photo of Adam Pizzaia
Rutgers University Home Jackson NJ Work Misión San Carlos Yapacaní Bolivia Website: Visit Blog

I desire to serve because I want to dedicate a year of my life to God. God has blessed me so much with countless amazing gifts. I want to be more thankful for what I have and for the things that I take for granted. I want to live and help the poor to the best of my ability. I also want to experience living in another culture and I think this is a wonderful way. I am currently discerning God’s plan that he has for me. I want to show God that I can go all in with him and trust him. I know that whatever vocation God has planned for me in my life, it will make me most happy. I just have to trust him. I hope that on this Mission trip God will reveal more of his plan for me. I certainly want to be placed at a site that will help my spiritual life grow more and also help give clarity to my vocational discernment.

Gabbi Poetzl

Photo of Gabbi Poetzl
Arizona State University Home Phoenix AZ Work Hogar Sagrado Corazón Montero Bolivia Website: Visit Blog

After completing El Camino de Santiago, I felt God reaffirmed my initial desire to volunteer in Latin America with a Catholic organization. I want to experience a simple lifestyle and grow my relationship with Jesus Christ with the support of other believers who share similar goals.

Brittany Redmond

Photo of Brittany Redmond
United States Military Academy Home West Point NY Work Hogar María Auxiliadora Cochabamba Bolivia

There are a lot of factors contributing to my desire to serve. One, I’m trying to selflessly serve others and gain a better relationship with God, as well as better interpersonal skills. I have been blessed with so much, and sometimes I forget that here, so it’d be nice to give back to people who don’t have as much (and feel like I’m making a difference and figure stuff out). I could conceivably take a year off from school to do the mission, hopefully get better at either Spanish or french if I’m so lucky to be placed in an international location, and then continue my west point experience after a year.

Cara Welker

Photo of Cara Welker
Vanderbilt University Home Nashville Tennessee Work Hogar Sagrado Corazón Montero Bolivia Website: Visit Blog

Last year, I felt called by God to give a year of my life to focus on serving Him and his poor, as well as continuing to further develop in my faith, before attending graduate school.

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