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Current SLMs in India

Caitlin Carey

Photo of Caitlin Carey
Franciscan University Hometown Huntington Beach CA Mission Site BREADS: Don Bosco Hospet Hospet India
Personal Statement:

“I believe there are few things more radical than moving to a foreign country to work with God’s children who are underprivileged and in despair, to show others their dignity that many in the word deny them, and to completely give of oneself. “

Veronica Coe

Photo of Veronica Coe
Loyola Marymount University Hometown Benicia CA Mission Site BREADS: Don Bosco Deodurga Deodurga India Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“Service is not for others, it is with others. “For” implies that someone is higher up or more influential than other. However, when we serve, we do not know the circumstances of the people we are with. Hence, “with” is a more appropriate term because it brings to life the justice and hope that each individual deserves. I cannot articulate why specifically why I want to serve, it is just a part of the way I want to live my life.”

Holly Farrell

Photo of Holly Farrell
Franciscan University of Steubenville Hometown Westfield IN Mission Site BREADS: Don Bosco Deodurga Deodurga India Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“When I first felt my call to mission, I was overwhelmed with joy, but later that night fear began to grip my heart. I didn’t want to leave my family or my comfortable life. I knew that God was asking me to give up so many things for Him, and I really wasn’t sure if I was ready. I still want those things – to live close to my family, to be comfortable, to live a “normal” life. But He has helped me realize that I want other things so much more. I want to teach His little ones and I want to learn from them too. I want to be challenged and to grow. I want to spend every day so that I am exhausted at the end because I know I gave everything I have.”

Matt Pirrall

Photo of Matt Pirrall
DeSales University Hometown Schwenksville PA Mission Site BREADS Bangalore Bangalore India Blog: Visit Blog
Personal Statement:

“I had two amazing, life changing, experiences on both of my service trips to India, but each time felt as though I could serve longer and use my skills in other ways to better serve the needs of the poor in that country. I feel as though the Salesian Lay Missioners would allow me the opportunity to become more immersed in the vibrant culture and actually be able to use my skills to discover more about myself while striving to serve others. My experiences on previous service trips have instilled me with a passion for travel and service, and a recognition for the need of education as an instrument of change in impoverished communities.”