Current SLMs

Erin Arnold

Photo of Erin Arnold
College of Southern Maryland Home Brandywine MD Work Don Bosco School Mekanessa Ethiopia Blog: Visit Blog

“It makes me sad to think that there are children who do not think they matter to anyone.  I even see this in some of my classrooms here in the states.  Everyone should know that they are valued by God and that someone else on earth thinks kindly of them.  This is one motivation I have to work with the Salesians.  I also feel that every child should be able to learn, that understanding of the world around them is a precious gift to give to children, and that God has given me the abilities required to teach.  Life is so precious, and these children, the least of these, need to know that they are precious and loved.   On a practical note, the more education these children receive, the more opportunities for a better life they will have.”

Erin Brennan

Photo of Erin Brennan
Spring HIll College Work Hogar María Auxiliadora Cochabamba Bolivia Home Mobile AL Blog: Visit Blog

I have been fortunate enough to have been on three one week long mission trips throughout the past five years and have fallen in love with serving others. I promised myself when I graduated high school that I would commit a year to mission work post-college. As this time in my life approaches my desire to go has only increased for multiple reasons. Besides my desire to serve, I always want to fully understand situations in order to relate. Although this isn’t always possible, the opportunity to understand the lives of those less fortunate is available. I feel as if in the attempt to fully understand the lives of those less fortunate there is no better way to do so through my love of service. This experience will also help in my future as a constant reminder of those and to continue to serve.

Michael Gordon

Photo of Michael Gordon
Oakland Community College Work Don Bosco Gumbo Gumbo South Sudan Home Sault Ste. Marie MI

I want to learn to practice an active Catholicism and develop a dynamic faith and resolute conscience strengthened by a broader world view. I want to have an experience that will influence the way I prioritize my thoughts and actions throughout my adult life. I was drawn to the Salesian Lay Missioners because I have felt a unique connection with Saint John Bosco since I was very young; he was my confirmation saint. Don Bosco inspired me to learn to juggle, unicycle, and master the craft of twisting balloons, in hopes that I might use these talents in the same way he did. I love children and I want to be a positive influence in their lives.

Daniel Mathews

Photo of Daniel Mathews
The Ohio State University Work Don Bosco Da Lat Da Lat Vietnam Home Lake Havasu City AZ

I have always enjoyed helping people, especially young people but I would be happy to serve anyone of any age.

Taylor McColgan

Photo of Taylor McColgan
Franciscan University Work Auxilium Wau South Sudan Home Dedham MA Website:

I have a passion for service and a desire to do more long term because I adore the sense of community and the growth that comes from all of this. I’ve heard only the most wonderful things and have seen a great change in my friends who have participated in this. There is something so great about service but also becoming a part of something bigger than yourself and allowing yourself to be used for a greater good. I want to broaden my horizons and allow myself to be stretched and pushed in ways that will just allow me to grow as a person.

Catherine McNeal

Photo of Catherine McNeal
Florida State University Work Auxilium Wau South Sudan Home Tallahassee FL Website: Visit Blog

God has blessed me with much in my life and I was able to grow in my faith in a lot of very special ways throughout my four years of college. When I chose nursing as my major at the end of high school, I always knew that I would want to do medical mission work.

Emmanuel Mendez

Photo of Emmanuel Mendez
University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Home Aguada PR Work Don Bosco Center Lilongwe Malawi

“I got tired of watching so much need in the world and doing nothing. I know Jesus wants me to go and help in any way to those who are in need. I just want to share the love and happiness He has shared with me. There is something in helping others that makes me that much closer to the love of God.  I know that Jesus is present in each and one of the children the SLM’s are helping and I want to be part of that.”

Dan Morrissey

Photo of Dan Morrissey
Worcester State University Work Mary Help of Christians Center Tampa Florida Home Dudley MA Website: Visit Blog

After traveling with FOCUS to serve with the MCs in Kolkata, India for a month it really left me inspired to continue to serve God’s people by completely giving myself in service to others. With the Salesians, I can utilize both my talent in teaching and my passion for our faith to do God’s work.

Clare Pressimone

Photo of Clare Pressimone
Cabrini College Home Philadelphia PA Work Don Bosco School – Teuk Thla Phnom Penh Cambodia Blog: Visit Blog

I would like to serve in order to use the skills and knowledge that I have acquired to help those most in need. I know that there are many people who can benefit if I give my time and energy to assist them, but I also know that I will benefit from interacting with them just as much, if not even more so.

Colleen Quigley

Photo of Colleen Quigley
The Catholic University of America Work Don Bosco Teuk Thla Phnom Penh Cambodia Home Hatboro PA Website: Visit Blog

I have always felt a call to service. I have been discerning serving for a year after school for a very long time and am excited to be able to serve God and his people in this way. I would like to work with the poorest of the poor and to bring the love of God to them through education, friendship, and prayer.

Katherine Stolz

Photo of Katherine Stolz
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Work Hogar María Auxiliadora Cochabamba Bolivia Home Forest Lake MN Website: Visit Blog

I have always felt called to serve (I suppose every Christian is though!). The Bible passage where Jesus calls Peter and Andrew to become fishers of men has always struck me. There is a lot of hurt and pain in this world, but we also have a great ability to bring joy into it if we follow God’s will. A simple smile, a listening ear, it does not take much.

Cara Weidinger

Photo of Cara Weidinger
St. John’s University Work Don Bosco Skills Training Center for Girls Phnom Penh Cambodia Home Burke VA

Service has always been the largest part of my life. It is in service that I see the face of God and the beauty that is humanity. I feel particularly called to the Salesians after reading Grace Marie’s blog and being so drawn and moved by her experiences not because it was so different than any other persons but because ironically because of the grace I noticed in her narrations of her experience.

Steve Widelski

Photo of Steve Widelski
Indiana University Work Don Bosco Da Lat Da Lat Vietnam Home Huntington IN

Serving the youth of the world is my way of giving back to God the time, treasure and talents he has bestowed upon me.

Nick Ynami

Photo of Nick Ynami
San Diego State University Work Don Bosco Juba Gumbo South Sudan Home Hayward CA Website: Visit Blog

I believe that God has given and blessed me many talents and luxuries that I am always grateful for. I, however, want to make an impact in the world with the talents and privileges that God has given me. I am so thankful everyday for my many blessings, and hope through the Salesian Lay Missioners to share my blessing with others less fortunate, but also gain their blessings of happiness. Now more than ever, after prayer and thought I am ready to take a step forward in helping the world!