Vunabosco Agro Technical School

Site Information

Vunabosco Agro Technical Secondary School, or ‘VATSS’, lives out the Salesian tradition of working with those on the margins of society by providing a second chance for education to young people who have been pulled from the state education system. VATSS “aims to integrate culture with faith and faith with life by seeking to form good Christians and honest citizens among all its members”. By integrating technical, agricultural, and religious training in the curriculum, VATSS aims to produce well-rounded graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed and contribute to the society.

VATSS is located in the District of Kokopo, about 10 minutes’ drive from Kokopo Central Business District. The School is set on a park-like surrounding with matured tropical trees, and caters for over 500 boarding and day students. There is also staff housing on campus. The School offers a range of programs such as building, carpentry, motor vehicle mechanics and electrical.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Tutor for various subjects and grade levels
  • Maintain the library and small computer room
  • Teaching:  carpentry, any other building trades
  • Motor vehicle repair
  • Assistance in the dormitory
  • Oratory assistance
  • Share their own personal gifts and talents (art, dance, music, athletics, etc)


It is important to be open-minded, patient, joyful, and able to laugh at yourself. A willingness and readiness to serve the poor and forgotten. SLMs do not face these struggles alone, though, as the Salesian religious community becomes family and you fact the mission together!