Salesian High School

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The school officially has 2 tracks: High School and Vocational Technical (Vo-Tech). The Vo-Tech teaches 6 trades: auto mechanics, welding, plumbing, sewing, office administration, and masonry. All students are required to study English and Computers at all levels. After graduation, the students of DBITSC can work in industry as professional workers or continue to study at the university. The diploma given by DBITSC is nationally recognized.

The other service of the Salesians is the caring center for street boys and orphans, ages 8 to 16 (boys only). The Salesians provide full assistant to the children (food, boarding, education and daily needs). For the study of secondary level, the children are sent to the public schools, after which they can enroll in DBITSC for continuing their high school and professional training. After two and half years, the Salesians will help them to become self-supporting.

Lastly, the Salesians run 2 parishes.

SLM Ministry Opportunities

  • Support technical instructors in auto mechanics, welding, plumbing, sewing, office administration, and masonry
  • Teaching English
  • Participate in and organize extra curricular activities (i.e. music, dance, art, sports, etc.)
  • Pastoral outreach with the two Salesian parishes (youth center, catechism, etc.)


It is important to be open-minded, patient, joyful, and able to laugh at yourself for the Mongolian mission. A willingness and readiness to serve the poor and accept the comparatively low standard of living is also a must!