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Current SLMs in Zambia

Photo of Alison Gil Alison Gil Lufubu, Zambia
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When I was 11 I visited Bolivia with my family. Children in Bolivia sell tissues for coins to survive. We were having dinner and a little girl who was maybe 5 or 6 years old approached our table and offered us tissues. My grandmother asked her to sit with us and have dinner but the little girl refused.…

Photo of Martin Gonzalez Martin Gonzalez Lufubu, Zambia
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I believe we all have a mission to serve our Lord, God’s kingdom is a kingdom of love, and I feel called to spread his message of love. God has blessed me with a loving heart, and I want to bring Our Lord’s love to those that are poor and in need. I truly believe that it is in giving that we receive, my passion in life is to see others smile and feel loved.…

Photo of Katie Strosnider Katie Strosnider Lufubu, Zambia
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I have always felt called to serve vulnerable populations. In my experience, I have never felt so connected to Christ as when I am serving as his hands to the poor and marginalized. I have a deep desire to share Christ’s love and to help people to know their own dignity. Life is sacred, and I long for people to recognize their own worth.…