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Stephen Stafstrom

East New Britain, Papua New Guinea University of Central Florida
Hometown Longwood FL Mission Site Vunabosco East New Britain Papua New Guinea College University of Central Florida

About Me...

What do you expect to do on mission?
My site partner and I will be teaching high school dropouts a variety of subjects at the English language school as well as coaching the varsity teams.

Why have you joined the Salesian Lay Missioner program and/or what do you hope to accomplish thru your SLM mission?
Service and evangelization have been a part of my story from the beginning and I’m excited to have this opportunity to pursue those values in a new place with youth eager to learn. The Salesian values of Home, School, Church, and Playground encourage youth around the world to grow and develop in environments where they know they are loved and where they can begin to share that love with others. While in Papua New Guinea I hope to enter into the Salesian mission and do my part to prepare the young men and women of tomorrow to be leaders and faithful followers of Christ in their work, homes, and communities.

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